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Company Name
Koi Koi Japon Co., Ltd.
(Corporation No. 0108-01-021612)
Head Office
(Moving Now)
Public Announcement
Official gazette
Incorporation Date
June 10, 2011
1. Sales and introducing brokerage business with commodity,
    health products, foods and drinks, liquor, and tracitional crafts.
2. Investment on share, debenture, and exchange
3. Collecting and selling all kinds of information.
4. Worker dispatch and introducing brokerage business
    (Artists, Models, Personality, Tour guide, MC, Interpretor)
5. Planning and managing events
6. Import and Export
7. Organizing, planning, directing, and managing lectures and seminars
8. Dispatching lecturers to lectures and seminars
9. Planning, editting, and making publications such as magazines,
    books etc.
10. Making, selling, and introducing brokerage business with music
      and visual contents
11. Translating and interpreting business
12. Planning and making Web, fashion, and image designs
13. Planning and policy proposal in public works requested
      by the government or autonomy
14. Consulting business regarding any of the business written above.
15. Suplementary business regarding any of the business written above.
Amount of Stated Capital
3,008,000 Yen
Provision of Share with Restriction on Transter
All company share issued will be share with restriction on transfer.
In order to aquire by transter, approval by the representative directior will be necessary.
Information About Officers
Director    Yoshifumi Komasa
Representative Director    Takenori Hoshiko