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Since the earthquake,
electricity, gas and water supplies have stopped
and hundreds of aftershocks still continue in the disaster area.

Information such as the seismic intensity or when the next tsunami
will come are not collectable like us who ordinarily have access to the Internet.
Relief supplies are also not reached to all areas.


Meanwhile, we eat warm meal with lights on in our homes and sleep
without stress even with few aftershocks.

There are things we can do.

We should not hesitate.
Stand up as a Japanese and revitalize Japan more than ever.
If even the vigorous ones stop,
it will surely make Japan sink.

To make Japan participate actively all over the world as No.1,
I have wondered around the world as a cosmopolitan for seven years.
I have been doing music and event activities for around 5 years
in the opposite side of the world, South America, Columbia.
Stepping on the homeland’s soil after 6 years,
I have been making every effort to collect funds to connect Japan
with Columbia and to connect the whole world together.


Now that the earthquake has occurred on March 11th, at this moment,
we need not stop.
Here we begin from this homepage.
Our objective is to let Japan make progress on a stage called the Earth.
And also, we will start up a project to introduce
where I have been taken care of and brought up,
Columbia, South America to Japan.

Each and every one of us feels their sleeping Japanese soul
revive with their soul pounding by this disaster.
Let us tell the world by showing how we overcome this disaster,
standing up together as one.


Koi Koi Japón 

Japón stands for Japan in Spanish.
The world ‘falling in love’ (=Koi) with the nature, culture and history of Japan.
A carp (=Koi) is said to become a dragon
when it finishes swimming up the reflux of a waterfall.
We will tell the world our strong and powerful love
by the appearance of how we Japanese live through this present.

Come on (=Koi Koi) Japón. Koi Koi Japan.

Here it begins.