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Koi Koi Japon

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     Japanese high-quality products, low cost, lightweight, and indestructible.
     Artesaníastradicionales and liquor Japanese "SAKE".
     Fashion and folk crafts of Colombia.

     All kinds of Japanese products to Colombia and South America.

     Cultural and business events.
     Japanese Festival Colombia since 2008.
     Colombian Festival in Japan, etc.

     Music is love that connects everyone, overcoming racial and cultural barriers.
     We also participate in businesses that connect Japan with the world
     Japanese translation, English and Spanish.
     Thank you for your cooperation.

     Technology and knowledge for the earth went back to the law of the universe,
     make the project more livable than the old land.

     Koi Koi Japón is the free energy from all over Japan and collect air,
     water and soil remediation technologies and inventions,
     we will introduce to the world's developing countries, including Fukushima.

     In order to get the land free to anyone to live,
     charities will continue as we aim to help our company combines the latest technology
     and ancient wisdom.